Canoe And Kayak Trips

Canoe And Kayak Trips
A canoe or kayak trip is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and see wildlife up close. Both types of watercraft are light, easy to maneuver and inexpensive to maintain.

Canoes are open boats, heavier than kayaks but able to carry gear and several people. Kayaks are typically smaller and lighter, with a smaller cockpit. Kayaks are known for being easy to paddle and extremely nimble.

These popular boats are perfect for family vacations, fishing trips, exploring back country or for simply getting outside for fresh air and exercise.

The following list includes a few ideas for enjoying local waterways with these lightweight watercraft:

* Take a camera and enjoy outdoor photography. Canoes, kayaks and other small crafts allow adventurers a close view of wildflowers, trees, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and other wildlife.

* Go birding. Rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, swamps and marshes offer some of the best birding opportunities in North America. Paddlers may want to bring along a field guide as the sheer numbers of birds can be overwhelming.

* Travel by canoe or kayak to isolated beaches and enjoy a picnic lunch, swim or hike. Paddlers have access to many areas that are inaccessible with conventional boats.

* Go freshwater fishing. In many locations, canoes or kayaks are the
preferred method of reaching productive areas for freshwater fishing. Paddlers catch species such as rock bass and green sunfish .

* Enjoy fall scenery along lakes, ponds and estuaries. Autumn foliage can be spectacular on waterways such as the Great Lakes or other areas of North America.

* Take a camping trip by canoe. These lightweight boats are perfect for carrying enough gear for an overnight stay on your favorite lake or river. Many of the best campgrounds offer canoe and kayak landings.

* Explore a river, national park, state park or local waterway. Canoes and kayaks are permitted in most parks, lakes and other outdoor areas.

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