A Short Trip To Prague

A Short Trip To Prague
If you are planning on taking a trip to somewhere interesting and new then Prague might be just the place for you. Not only is it steeped in history, but it is also quite beautiful too, with an almost fairytale feel to it. It is sometimes referred to as the city of one hundred spires; this is because of the number of mediaeval churches that populate the city and surrounding area.

Prague is the capital of the recently formed Czech Republic, it’s history makes for interesting reading, and you’ll notice that the more you research the city the more you will hear about the record breaking castle. Prague castle has been the home to Roman Emperors, the Kings of Bohemia, and the presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. It is now a tourist attraction and holds the Bohemian Crown Jewels.

The castle, as previously mentioned, actually holds a Guinness World Record, for being the largest coherent castle complex in the world. It is spread over a quite staggering 70000m2 and is visible from nearly anywhere in the city.

Wandering around Prague is going to be the best way to explore this labyrinthine city; the mediaeval streets twist and bend as they funnel people into the large central squares. Formerly a place of trade and commerce, Prague was a real hive of activity in this period.

Like many European cities, Prague is very easy to reach; there are direct flights from most European countries and some parts of North America. On the whole you will be able to find a return flight for a very reasonable price as many of the budget airlines cater for holidaymakers to this part of central Europe.

More recently, Prague has become somewhat tainted by a reputation for stag and hen parties, perhaps the cheap alcohol and beautiful setting are too much to resist, or is it the welcoming party spirit that the inhabitants extend to all visitors?

Booking a hotel, Prague centre is a straightforward task, mainly because there are an abundance of hotel, Prague centre, all of which vary in comfort and cost. If you are travelling on a budget, perhaps as part of a longer sojourn, then there are many hostels and guesthouses that you can opt for.

If you are looking for something a little more comfortable, perhaps with your own room en suite bathroom, the Prague has a wide range of 2 and 3 star hotel, Prague centre based. You will find that these hotel, Prague centre are affordable and competitively priced as the credit crunch forces the hand of many hotel owners. Prices for all levels of hotel have been discounted to encourage more spending.

If you prefer to stay in somewhere more luxurious a 5 star hotel, Prague centre is the best option. You will find that the hotels are beautifully decorated, with individual charm and fantastic facilities. All within a stones throw of the city centre. The price of a short stay in one of these hotels will not break the bank either.

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